Friday, May 7, 2010

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Bunny...

May 3 2010

The driver of this van officially wins my D-Bag Of The Week Award! He almost ran into me while changing lanes and almost caused at least 4 other accidents during rush hour. Why you ask? Oh, because he was on his cell phone the entire time. I got a pretty good look at him, as he narrowly missed cars, crossing 3 lanes of traffic to exit Hwy 100. Now, fast forward about an hour. I'm in Robbinsdale at this Greek Cafe that I've never been to before. David and I are enjoying dinner, and a guy walks in. I recognized him. I look outside....Definitive Aquarium van parked next to our car!!! What are the odds?! I thought about giving him his D-bag Award right then and there....a good punch in the face!!
Note to Definitive Aquarium:
You should enforce a no cell phones while driving policy, and you should remove the black out light covers from the brake lights so people can actually see when you are braking or turning.

May 4 2010

Oh Mello Yellow. How long it's been since I have enjoyed you. You were very refreshing. By the way, I'm loving the retro look.

May 5 2010

This is a photo of some of our managers out grilling for our Employee Appreciation Cookout. From the left: My boss: Bob, His boss: Mick, Supervisor Mike, Supervisor Wayne, Operations Manager Rich, Delta Manager Fred, and Napa Manager Scott. We had an awesome lunch of HUGE hamburgers and delicious brats.

May 6 2010

I told my dogs that they could be whatever they wanted to be when they grow up. (No really, I just said this to them the other night). It appears Caesar wants to be a bunny.

May 7 2010

Today is rainy and a generally crappy day for me. While wallowing in self pity, I realized that the poinsettia some awesome co-workers gave me a Christmas, is starting to bloom again. Yay!

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