Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Fun, Bag Room and a Snow Storm!

December 5 2010
Finally! My Christmas tree is up. I'm usually a day after Thanksgiving kind of girl, but my week was so hectic I didnt get it put up right away.

December 6 2010
St Nick came to visit my puppies!

December 7 2010
Heather and I took a Holiday Candy Making class at Whole Foods!

December 8 2010
This is one of the bagrooms at MSP. I am working some overtime on a special project. I am working 3rd shift hours/12 hour days. I spend 8-9 hours a day sitting on a conveyor belt like this one. Good times.

December 9 2010
Today we moved to another part of the bag room. I basically get to spend my nights watching these guys work. I am escorting these technicians in secured parts of the airport. So I have to be with them at all times. Its easy money, but really really long nights.

December 10 2010
The snow is sure coming down.....this is what it looked like in the middle of night when I let the dogs out.....

December 11 2010
And this is what it looked like the following evening. We got over 17 inches of snow!! It is the worst snowstorm in over a decade! Of course we didnt have a snowblower either. David sure did a lot of shoveling!

Doggie Messes and Bad Wine

November 28 2010
(End of Thankful Week)
I am thankful for David! My life is so much better because of him (awww!)

November 29 2010
This is the dry erase board in my cube. One of the supervisors had to use my computer. I ran out of filing so I decided to create some artwork.

November 30 2010
Bath time for Sookie!

December 1 2010
I seriously need to create a collage of all of the messes Caesar makes. This time he ripped apart Sookie's bed. He's done it before and I've sewn it up. This time it was not salvageable. Looks like someone needs a new bed.

December 2 2010
So cute napping together.

December 3 2010
Its snowing!

December 4 2010
I actually didn't mean for this to be my photo of the day. I took this photo to remember the wine we had during my recent wine tasting party. Well the day got away from me and it turns out this was the only photo I took.
Note: This wine was not good. Blek!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapstick, Cookie Towers, and Thankful Week!

November 17 2010
I am having a hard time finding my favorite chapstick. I read that this stuff, EOS, is the best chapstick you'll ever use, so I thought I'd try it. It is pretty much amazing. The only draw back is the shape. You cant carry it in your pocket and that drives me nuts.

November 18 2010
David and I at the Harry Potter 7 Part 1 midnight showing! I love HP!

November 19 2010
Remember that gingerbread photo? This is what I was working on....a gingerbread Eiffel Tower!

November 20 2010
I had a French Wine Tasting party, which is what I made the gingerbread Eiffel Tower for. I took a lot of photos that night, but this one was my favorite. Me getting kisses from both pups.

November 21 2010
This is the start of "Thankful Week". I am thankful for my purple fuzzy blanket. Its the best to snuggle with!

November 22 2010
Spa Day at Aveda! I am thankful for being able to take time out and treat myself to something nice. Especially after all of the stress in recent months.

November 23 2010
I am thankful for my dogs. I never knew how much I could love them. Or how much they could change my life. My life is so much fuller with them in it!

November 24 2010
I am thankful for my hair. So much so, I decided to donate it to Locks Of Love. Its an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer. I love love love my long hair but it was a length that I could donate so I decided to go for it.

November 25 2010
I am thankful for having enough food, and being able to share it with loved ones!

November 26 2010
OK so this isnt really a "thankful" photo. I took several photos, but most were of cookie inspiration. So, for this one, I am thankful for my friend lending me her cookie book to inspire me!

November 27 2010
I am thankful for my awesome friends! I spent the weekend scrapbooking with some of my favorite people!

Mini tree, Mini person, and Caesar's First Snow

What can I say? Im just not good at keeping up with the photo postings! So in an effort to catch up, I'll post all of the photos I have uploaded to date. However, I'll do them over a few posts so they don't take forever to load!

November 9 2010
This is my mini Christmas tree. A coworker found them at Target and I had to have one too. Yay Christmas!

November 10 2010
I was experimenting with the black and white setting on my camera, and loved how this one turned out. Ominous, yes, but I like it anyway.

November 11 2010
This is my friend Kelly's baby, Issac. I mean, how can you not love this face?

November 12 2010
This was from a catalog I received in the mail. Its dedicated to all of my ELS people.

November 13 2010
First snow of the season...but also Caesar's first snow ever! David kept throwing snowballs and having him "fetch" them. It was hilarious to watch.

November 14 2010
Sneak peek of a princess cake I did. This was a challenging order. Several children had allergies, all different of course, so I had to make many different kinds of cupcakes to accommodate them. I learned a lot about having allergies!

November 15 2010
Sneak peek at a gingerbread structure I'll be making!

November 16 2010
Sookie all snuggled up in a blanket on the couch. How cute is that?!
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