Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wine, Weird, and WTF?

July 13 2010

Heather and I went shopping at the mall, and I decided to make a collage of our trip.
Upper Left: Heather and I wearing the awesomest tank tops ever.
Upper Right: How often do you really see a topless mannequin?
Lower Left: Why would you set up a mannequin to look like its "droppin it like its hot?"
Lower Middle: The cool crystal chandelier display
Lower Right: "Shop the Box" heh heh heh.

July 14 2010

Sneak peak at an upcoming craft project!

July 15 2010

Caesar and Sookie were sick, so I was feeding them white rice....which they love. Look closely, see Caesar's bowl by the chair leg? He pushed it across the room while eating. In this picture, he is licking the wall because he splatter rice all over it.

July 16 2010

Me, my sister Lisa and friend Heather after a visit to the Cedar Creek Winery. The woman working completely insulted our home town and basically called us all alcoholics. Umm...hello? You work in a winery!

July 17 2010

At home for Fish Day. The picture of this man in a woman's tank top, kind of sums up the odd day we had. People watching...gotta love it.

July 18 2010

I caught a monarch in my garden!

July 19 2010

I crawled into bed and realized I hadn't taken a photo of the day. My camera was on the charger, which is next to the night stand. Obviously subject of choice....David.

July 20 2010

I had the most awful day at work. Then I came home to this. Caesar got out of his kennel. The damage lost: 3 wire hangers, countless clothes pins and a box of kleenex. David literally brought the rake in the house to clean this up.

July 21 2010

Three peas in a pod, being lazy bums on the couch.

July 22 2010

The ELS Eliminators!! This was my work Relay for Life team...well, the morning group anyway. We raised almost $800 for cancer research!

July 23 2010

I experimented with my camera...a glass of water...and a flower from my yard. Pretty cool huh?

July 24 2010

Me, playing with the creepy headless shrimp at Solera. Which I should mention was one of the worst service experiences I've had in a long time.

July 25 2010

Hello Kitty Cupcakes! My friend Jackie ordered a dozen for her birthday. Happy Birthday Jackie!

July 26 2010

I've been meaning to read this book for awhile now. I saw the movie trailer starting Julie Roberts (one of my all time fav actresses) and I figured I had better get on reading it!

July 27 2010

I don't think I've ever seen clouds move in a straight line across the sky. This storm is about to get ugly!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Geez! What Happened To July?!

Wow! I can't believe its the middle of July already? Where is the summer going?! Time to get caught up on my 365 photos!
July 2 2010

This is a picture of one of my hanging baskets. The morning light was filtering through the leaves I had to take this photo. I love how it turned out!

July 3 2o10

Oh look, I made a friend. Lady bug.

July 4 2010

My little Sookie all decked out for the holiday! Happy 4th of July!

July 5 2010

My sister and I out with some friends at Chino Latino, enjoying "Donkey Punch" YUM!

July 6 2010

Peanut butter frosting.....excuse my drool. Want to make it? Check out today's post at Fairytale Frosting

July 7 2010

My commute is never boring. Here is a guy hauling a giant gum ball machine. Too bad the top of it was open, and it started to rain. Ewww....sticky wet gum balls. Blek!

July 8 2010

Wild flowers at North Mississippi Regional Park.

July 9 2010

A sneak peak at an upcoming event!

July 10 2010

This is Victor's 1959 Cafe A few of us went there for dinner. Its this tiny, hole in the wall place with the most amazing Cuban food you will ever eat! It was heaven on a plate!

July 11 2010

I love cinnamon waffles. There has been some issue recently with the frozen waffle companies and for months flavors like cinnamon were not in production. They are back, and I am in heaven! Oh, and yes, my fruit is on a separate plate. I don't like my food to touch.

July 12 2010

Clearly I do not have enough hobbies, so I went to Joann's for a Sewing 101 class. Good times!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Puppies, Parties, and Couch to 5k!

June 23 2010

This is Armani. This little one lives with my sister and her roommate. I couldn't help but take a picture. Such a cutie!

June 24 2010

This is my Caesar cruising around with his favorite, giant bone. It just cracks me up that he wanders around with that huge thing!

June 25 2010

I saw a similar photo online. I was inspired so I made David pose with me. We are each holding a clover leaf!

June 26 2010

This is the dessert table I created for my evening garden party, Enter Eden. If you haven't become a follower of my other blog, please check it out!

June 27 2010

This is Sookie giving me kisses!

June 28 2010

So I am at the doctor's office. They doc is running behind so I waited for nearly 20 minutes. I was in the waiting room with this woman. She had extremely creepy feet and fingernails, I couldn't stop staring. However, suddenly she opens her purse and pulls out a piece of candy. She eats it and drops the wrapper on the floor. Next thing I know she is pulling out a snack bar, and then one of those cheese and cracker packs, the list goes on and on. She just kept eating and dropping all of the garbage on the floor! People are so weird!

June 29 2010
My "Dinner Plate" Dahlia is starting to bloom!

June 30 2010

This is David sucking ketchup from a packet. We went to dinner and he would put a few fries in his mouth and then suck the ketchup out of the packet. I thought that was the grossest thing. Yum...mouth full of ketchup!

July 1 2010

These are my running shoes. I'm about to start on the Couch to 5k Plan, Week 5. According to the message boards about it, Week 5 is when most people give up, so I had to make note of me starting this week. 4 more weeks to go!
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