Monday, May 24, 2010

Back From Cowboy Country....

I'm back in Minneapolis after spending much of last week in the Dallas TX area. Time catch up on my 365....

May 18 2010

I'm a big GNR fan, so upon arriving at the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, I spotted this autographed copy of Rolling Stone with Slash on the cover!! You can imagine how excited I was!

May 19 2010

This is my Minneapolis co-worker Linda, my Denver co-worker Sheila, and myself having a couple of drinks at The Quarter Bar in Addison Texas. We spent a long day in meetings and rewarded ourselves with some Bud Light.

May 20 2010

Linda, Tammy (my co-worker from Indianapolis) and I decided that after 2 days of meetings, we needed an extra night to explore and party in Dallas. We met up with some Transnorm employees, with whom I do a lot of business. Holly and Jason were awesome dinner dates!! We laughed so much, we became that table. You know, the loud one that everyone hates, but is secretly jealous of because they are having so much fun? Yep, that was us at The Iron Cactus.
Thanks for a great night Holly and Jason!!

May 21 2010

For our extra night, we moved The Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas. A gentleman we met, who we called "FDIC" (he worked for FDIC) mentioned how awesome the detail was on the elevators. I couldn't resist taking a picture.

May 22 2010

On Saturday I was back in Minneapolis attending Kelly's graduation party. She just graduated from Nursing school. Here she is holding her niece Liza. It seems kids start partying younger and younger these days!! (Don't worry, the bottle was empty. Liza decided to make it her toy.)

May 23 2010

This is a shot from the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. My sister invited me to go along with her on Sunday. I managed to make a random impulse buy of new sheets for my bed. They were these amazing cotton sheets for $35! Who could pass up a deal that good? I might go back in the next couple of weeks for more!

May 24 2010

This is Sookie in the vet's office waiting for a booster shot. Doesn't she look excited? She was very brave getting a shot and a heartworm test. Awwww!


  1. Cool and fun photos as always Jess! Looking forward to the next post :)

  2. omg, I had no idea you were RIGHT HERE in DALLAS! I hope you had fun! I need to mail your card to you- I may still do a layout of Sookie, I haven't forgotten! I just need a little break! I'm a little burnt out!!! Yea, I had no idea you could have hedgehogs for pets either! Cute little thing,when she's not hissing at me! LoL


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