Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boy thats a lot of cookies!

September 6 2010

This is a little tin man that is in the Shingle Creek Community Garden.

September 7 2010

Harvest from my garden and fresh baked zucchini bread.

September 8 2010

Brand new dishes! I reached my 5 year anniversary at work. I got to pick out an item of my choice from a gift catalog, so I decided to get us new dishes.

September 9 2010

You know its fall when I have to bust out my blankets....this is Sookie's favorite blanket and she wasted no time getting snuggled in.

September 10 2010

Sookie fell asleep like this on top of the couch. How cute is that?

September 11 2010

I saw these at Target and took a photo to remember later. They inspired a project I hope to do soon.

September 12 2010

A view of the art fair at Centennial Lakes. All local artists selling their work. It was pretty cool to see and really inspiring for new projects!

September 13 2010

A shot of my messy kitchen. Let the excessive baking begin!

September 14 2010

Working on decorating cookies. Chaos, its how I work.

September 15 2010

A flower in my garden.

September 16 2010

A new friend in my garden.

September 17 2010

It has arrived!! I pre-ordered Bakerella's new book. I love her blog and cant wait to master cake pops....they are harder than they look!

September 18 2010

I went on a themed pub crawl. The theme was "Incognito, come as you are not". We were asked to dress in black, wigs, and accessories. I chose to go in this black wig. It was a huge hit and super fun to don an alter ego.

September 19 2010

These are the cookies I have been working on. That's a 6 foot table. A total of 190 cookies.

September 20 2010

Progress! The pear cookies are finished!

September 21 2010

160 cookies were from my "Perfect Pear" collection. I sent 80 pairs of pears to a wedding in Las Vegas. I sent the bride and groom this little thank you gift. Its a bride and groom "pear" and a paint chip cake card. That card is actually the first form of scrapbooking I've done in months. I really miss it! Wish I had more time. =(

September 22 2010

Another flower from my garden.

September 23 2010

A coworker gave me a small vase of flowers from the plant on her desk. They are so cool looking! For the longest time I thought that plant was fake!

September 24 2010

Its officially fall! I had to buy some pumpkins! I cant wait to carve these!

September 25 2010

Homemade Candied Apples. I made these for my Autumn Harvest party.

September 26 2010

Some of the autumn decor in my house.
Thanks for checking out another update of my 365!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gaga for Cakes!

Here I am making a whole hearted effort to stay on top of posting my 365 photos. Shall we check out the latest?
August 26 2010

I find inspiration all over for new craft projects. This brought about some ideas for an upcoming French themed party I'll be having.

August 27 2010

Sookie is trying to escape our backyard by crawling under the gate. This is as far as she can get though!

August 28 2010

I have no idea what this weird fruit (or veggie?) is at the Farmer's Market, but it looked cool.

August 29 2010

Sneak peek at a cake I did for a little girl's birthday party.

August 30 2010

Me and my doggies. Also, a sneak peek at my August party as part of my blogging party challenge over at my other blog Fairytale Frosting.

August 31 2010

At the Lady Gaga show at the St Paul Xcel Energy Center. Best. Concert. Ever. Seriously.

September 1 2010

Hanging with my girl Jorden who was visiting from Port Washington. She is an amazing makeup artist and works for MAC Cosmetics. Luckily, MAC sent her to Minneapolis for some training so we got to hang out!

September 2 2010

Baking loads of cakes for the Penkwitz-Rokus Wedding.

September 3 2010

On my way to Port Washington for the Penkwitz wedding, I stopped off to meet my old roommate Amy, for lunch. Amy was my roommate waaaaaay back in 2001 when we lived in Scotland. She also brought her Scottish hubby, Louie who I haven't seen in years either. Loved hanging with these two and loved hearing the Scottish accent! Miss these guys!

September 4 2010

Me and the Groom, Brett. I did the wedding cake for them, my first ever. Huge success! Head over to my other blog for details on the cake!

September 5 2010

The drive back to MN was a long one. To entertain myself I took photos along the way. This makes me think of the movie War of the Worlds. These windmills look like creepy alien vessels or something. It really freaks me out.

So that's this week's post. It was a crazy busy week, but everything turned out awesome!
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