Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Grand Finale!

January 10 2011
David holding up the birthday gifts he got from my parents.

January 11 2011
Me and David out celebrating his birthday.

January 12 2011
Winter "One-derland" cupcake toppers for a client who's son is turning 1.

January 13 2011
Pink and green owl cookies for a client who was throwing her daughter an owl themed birthday party.

January 14 2011
I tried another Pioneer Woman recipe....Chicken Tortilla Soup=Deeeelicious!!

January 15 2011
Today completes my 365 day photo challenge. Thanks for following along. This challenge has been so rewarding, I've learned a lot about photography, I enjoy taking pictures more than I ever did before, and I highly recommend everyone to try this challenge. You won't regret it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

30th Birthdays and a Citation

January 2 2011
Sookie chillin on the comforter while I remake our bed.

January 3 2011
I'm teaching Caesar to walk on the treadmill. He's got a lot of energy but its too cold to take him for long walks. So far, its going pretty good.

January 4 2011
Ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner. Yum!

January 5 2011
Busting out the new silverware my bro gave us for Christmas.

January 6 2011
Walking through Borders, I spotted this book cover and it made me laugh.

January 7 2011
Heather and I at Beaujo Wine Bar celebrating her 30th birthday.

January 8 2011
Nikki and I riding the "Redneck Express" for her 30th birthday.

January 9 2011
Yep, I got a speeding ticket. My first ticket in YEARS. I was doing 72 in a 65. The cop who pulled me over said he clocked me at 84. Then he wrote me a ticket for doing 78. Special. Whats even better....the ticket doesn't say how much it is. I have to wait 10 days and then can log onto a website to find out. I called the county and they wouldn't tell me how much it was either. They told me just had to sit tight and wait the 10 days. How lame is that?!

Ending and Beginning

December 26 2010
Where I spent my entire day after the holiday weekend.

December 27 2010
I am approaching my 30th birthday. I saw this cool collage that a husband made for his wife's 30th. It was a collage of random 30's. I thought "hey I'm going to do that for my birthday!" So I wandered around the house looking for something with a 30 on it. This is all I could come up with. This idea was harder than I thought!

December 28 2010
We decided to let Sookie's fur grow out. I bought her a little clip to keep it out of her eyes.

December 29 2010
I spent my evening babysitting this little guy! Isaac is such a flirt!

December 30 2010
My "work spouse" Mike (middle) came back for a visit. He moved to California earlier this year. We went to Crave for Happy Hour.

December 31 2010
David and I, last photo of 2010! Ending the year with one of my favorite people.......

January 1 2011
First photo of 2011....Sookie and Caesar, starting the year with two more of my favorite "people".
Only 2 more weeks to go until I complete the 365 challenge!

Doggie Race Track, Return of the King and Christmas Penguins

Surprise, surprise, I fell behind on posting pictures again!

December 18 2010
David plowed a "track" around the yard, and Caesar likes to run around it.

December 19 2010
Two pups, chillin on my lap.

December 20 2010
Elvis cookies, 2.0 If you saw my first attempt at Elvis, these are a vast improvement!

December 21 2010
Medtronic logo cookies for David to take to his work holiday party.

December 22 2010
See how excited Sookie is about the snow?

December 23 2010
Today was my co-worker Kevin's last day. Kevin and I have worked together for over 5 years. I am sad that he had to go, but happy for him finding new and better opportunities!

December 24 2010
My brother couldnt be with us on Christmas Eve so we did video chat with him.

December 25 2010
I wanted to make something fun and whimsical for Christmas dinner, so I made a penguin appetizer! How fun are these guys?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite things, Post-its and a Photo Booth

December 12 2010
This is one of my favorite ornaments. It reminds me of tartan, which reminds me of Scotland. And I miss it there.

December 13 2010
Caesar loved the space heater. He just parked right in front of it, enjoying the warmth.

December 14 2010
This is my butterfly brooch. I love this brooch. Its actually a replica of one Arwen wore in the Lord of the Rings.

December 15 2010
These post-its covered this guy's locker. At first I thought it was sweet, and then I realized it was a little creepy.

December 16 2010
This was on a piece of equipment in the hangar at work. It made me laugh.

December 17 2010
My friend Heather and I using the holiday photo booth! At my recent holiday party I created a "photo booth" in our office, for guests of the party to take some fun photos!
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