Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thats Two Sick Puppies!

April 22 2010

I am learning to use the macro function on my camera. I snapped this photo of my afternoon snack. Pretty cool eh?

April 23 2010

My two babies bonding in the bath tub together.

April 24 2010

My boredom saviors! I was going stir crazy in the house when Heather (front left) and her sister Anna invited to me to join them at Tavern on France. I had the "build your own pizza". I chose a garlic aioli, Gouda cheese, scallions, mushrooms, pancetta and fresh basil as my toppings...deeeelicious!!

April 25 2010

After dinner with Heather and Anna, I came home to learn both of my doggies had diarrhea....all over their kennels, and all over my house when I let them out of their kennels. This photo sums up how the rest of my weekend went. Cleaning up lots of gross messes, baths, and a diet of rice and hard boiled eggs. YUCK!

April 26 2010

David and I went out to celebrate his mother's birthday. We went to The Nook for dinner. I meant to take a photo of the group, but completely forgot. I remembered to take a photo as we were unlocking the door of our house. This is us, weirdly illuminated by our motion sensor light.

April 27 2010

This is a quick tarot spread that I read for a friend of mine. The outlook is great! Looks like she is going to become self employed, and be quite successful too!

April 28 2010

Here we are, Wednesday Date Night at The Claddagh Irish Pub for dinner. David had the fish sandwich, and I enjoyed the Guinness Beef Stew. Great place, we will definitely go back!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspiration for Lisa

My sister Lisa is moving into a new place. She asked me for some decorating inspiration, and I've decided to share! Lisa wont have an actual closet in the space she is moving in to, so we have brainstormed some ideas to solve that. Along with that, we wanted to create a cohesive scheme for a young, vibrant 22 year old. Here, is my inspiration board....

Damask, chandeliers and bird cages are immensely popular. I am in love with them. Since we are working with a recently graduated from college budget, we need to incorporate a lot of her existing decor and DIY techniques.
Some of our brainstorming ideas include:
1. Homemade, hand painted privacy "dressing" screen
2. Garage sale steals of chandeliers and vintage bird cages spray painted to match.
3. Vintage birdcages converted into jewelry storage.
4. Vinyl decals...the condo is a rental, so minimal paint allowed.
5. Hand painted canvases to match privacy screen
6. Framed fabric in similar print (cheap and easy art!)

All we need are a few coupons from Michaels, Joann Fabric and a trip to Menards and Lisa will have a new and very chic room! I cant wait to get started!

(photo credits, from top left:,,,, Etsy: WallDecors, Ikea,, Etsy:uncommon, Etsy:Simple Shapes,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


April 17 2010

This is a picture of my computer screen, setting up my Etsy shop. Check it out here. This shop will be dedicated to selling my decorated cookies, which I blog about here.

April 18 2010

David and Me hanging out in the backyard.

April 19 2010

This is my favorite photo of the week. I just discovered the macro feature on my camera. I love love (did I mention love?) macro photos! I thought I needed an expensive SLR camera to do them. Someday I do intend to upgrade, however now that I've discovered this function, I'm practicing with my point and shoot. I frolicked into the backyard and started taking pics of everything. This was my favorite close up. Who knew a dandelion could look so amazing?!

April 20 2010

Privacy fence INSTALLED! All together now: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

April 21, 2010

This is David and his friend Tony mixing up cement to set everything in. I am in love with this fence! Its gorgeous!! I cant wait to turn my backyard into our own private oasis!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sushi or Mexican??

April 11 2010

This is picture of my guest room bedding. I used this as inspiration for cookies. You can see how they turned out here.

April 12 2010

David cuddling on the couch with our two babies. My three favorite people in the world.

April 13 2010

The bushes in my front yard are starting to bloom. I thought the colors and contrast were really beautiful.

April 14 2010

Old Chicago Night!! This was the kick off of the Cinco De Mayo Mexican Beer Mini Tour. We had enchiladas, chicken tortilla soup and this amazing Captain Morgan Tres Leche Cake. Yum!

April 15 2010

Progress on the backyard! David and his friend Adam ripped out the bushes in the backyard. Now we just need to get the privacy fence up!

April 16 2010

My sister Lisa and I at our sushi class. We learned how to make maki rolls and then got to eat them. Fun!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Easter basket for me....

April 5 2010

The Easter bunny forgot to leave a basket for me this year. Traditionally he leaves me one Cadbury egg. Since I didn't get it, I had to buy myself one. Yum!

April 6 2010

Its not a clear pic because I was driving, but this is a turkey. There are about 7 of them that hang out near the freeway by the airport. I see them almost daily.

April 7 2010

David and I went to La Casita for dinner. We had never been there. This was the stained glass window by our table. Cool atmosphere. I'd go back.

April 8 2010

Our new baby Caesar. He's made himself right at home on the couch.

April 9 2010

Sookie, sunbathing in the backyard. She loves to sit in the sun. Which occasionally makes it really difficult to get her to come back in the house!

April 10 2010

Home Depot had a great deal on grills this weekend. Sadly, the store by us only has one rental truck and on the weekends its hard to get. We couldn't fit the grill I bought into our cars, so I had to wake David up at 7:00am to go rent the truck and bring our grill home. Look how excited he is! It will be worth it when we are grilling amazing food all summer long!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tonight we brought home the newest addition to our family..Caesar!

Who could resist this face?

Adorable isn't he? He is a staffordshire terrier mix, and still a pup. We weren't sure how Sookie would take to him, but he made an impression...

He immediately drank from her dish...and finished it in about 2 gulps!

He tried to get her to play. She wasn't really having it though. See that look on her face. That's her "get the heck outta here!" look.

Eventually they came to the get that couch, I get this one. Ah, best friends in the making!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If We Were Eggs...

March 29 2010

Yes, its boring old peg board. But soon it will transform my baking supply closet. It will soon be a display wall for my cookie cutters. After picture to follow soon.

March 30 2010

We moved the picnic table outside! Yay Spring!

March 31 2010

I was inspired by a similar photo online. So I took my favorite cake/cookie decorating book and tried it myself!

April 1 2010

I'm getting together quotes to have these three bushes pulled out. I don't like them, and since we are going to install a new fence soon, I figured now is the best time.

April 2 2010

My friend Courtney sent me a recipe for broccoli quiche. So I modified it to make mini quiches. I also tossing in some cauliflower. DEEEEE-licious. Seriously, one of the best things I've made in awhile. Yum!

April 3 2010

I made paper cherry blossoms, glued them to branches from the backyard and viola! Instant Spring!

April 4 2010

If David and I were Easter eggs.... (I'd be the yellow one. Just in case you weren't sure.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today I got crafty and made Sookie a tutu. Just a simple "no sew" design. I'm quite surprised she liked it! Look at how cute she is!

Yes its true, I have the cutest dog ever!!
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