Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thats Two Sick Puppies!

April 22 2010

I am learning to use the macro function on my camera. I snapped this photo of my afternoon snack. Pretty cool eh?

April 23 2010

My two babies bonding in the bath tub together.

April 24 2010

My boredom saviors! I was going stir crazy in the house when Heather (front left) and her sister Anna invited to me to join them at Tavern on France. I had the "build your own pizza". I chose a garlic aioli, Gouda cheese, scallions, mushrooms, pancetta and fresh basil as my toppings...deeeelicious!!

April 25 2010

After dinner with Heather and Anna, I came home to learn both of my doggies had diarrhea....all over their kennels, and all over my house when I let them out of their kennels. This photo sums up how the rest of my weekend went. Cleaning up lots of gross messes, baths, and a diet of rice and hard boiled eggs. YUCK!

April 26 2010

David and I went out to celebrate his mother's birthday. We went to The Nook for dinner. I meant to take a photo of the group, but completely forgot. I remembered to take a photo as we were unlocking the door of our house. This is us, weirdly illuminated by our motion sensor light.

April 27 2010

This is a quick tarot spread that I read for a friend of mine. The outlook is great! Looks like she is going to become self employed, and be quite successful too!

April 28 2010

Here we are, Wednesday Date Night at The Claddagh Irish Pub for dinner. David had the fish sandwich, and I enjoyed the Guinness Beef Stew. Great place, we will definitely go back!

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