Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Easter basket for me....

April 5 2010

The Easter bunny forgot to leave a basket for me this year. Traditionally he leaves me one Cadbury egg. Since I didn't get it, I had to buy myself one. Yum!

April 6 2010

Its not a clear pic because I was driving, but this is a turkey. There are about 7 of them that hang out near the freeway by the airport. I see them almost daily.

April 7 2010

David and I went to La Casita for dinner. We had never been there. This was the stained glass window by our table. Cool atmosphere. I'd go back.

April 8 2010

Our new baby Caesar. He's made himself right at home on the couch.

April 9 2010

Sookie, sunbathing in the backyard. She loves to sit in the sun. Which occasionally makes it really difficult to get her to come back in the house!

April 10 2010

Home Depot had a great deal on grills this weekend. Sadly, the store by us only has one rental truck and on the weekends its hard to get. We couldn't fit the grill I bought into our cars, so I had to wake David up at 7:00am to go rent the truck and bring our grill home. Look how excited he is! It will be worth it when we are grilling amazing food all summer long!

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