Friday, April 16, 2010

Sushi or Mexican??

April 11 2010

This is picture of my guest room bedding. I used this as inspiration for cookies. You can see how they turned out here.

April 12 2010

David cuddling on the couch with our two babies. My three favorite people in the world.

April 13 2010

The bushes in my front yard are starting to bloom. I thought the colors and contrast were really beautiful.

April 14 2010

Old Chicago Night!! This was the kick off of the Cinco De Mayo Mexican Beer Mini Tour. We had enchiladas, chicken tortilla soup and this amazing Captain Morgan Tres Leche Cake. Yum!

April 15 2010

Progress on the backyard! David and his friend Adam ripped out the bushes in the backyard. Now we just need to get the privacy fence up!

April 16 2010

My sister Lisa and I at our sushi class. We learned how to make maki rolls and then got to eat them. Fun!


  1. Cool photo's Jessy, love the sushi one, it looks like lots of fun :)

  2. Beautiful photos, esp you and your sis! Will you make some sushi for me, yummmmmmm!!! xOxO


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