Monday, February 1, 2010

Almost Failed...Already!

Yesterday and today I almost failed the challenge! Today I forgot my camera. So when I got home from work, I took this photo. Its a birthday bouquet of flowers that I got at Bachman's Floral.
February 1
January 31

I was soooo tired from celebrating my birthday the night before, that I completely spaced out on taking a photo. At 11:30pm, I remembered so I took a photo of the first thing I saw. These giant mugs from Gastof's. I don't have to say how they ended up in our purses! :p
January 30

This is me and my girls at Gastof's celebrating my 29th birthday. From the left, Anna, Heather, Me, Melinda and Kelly.
January 29

I throw myself a themed birthday party every year. This year was "Let Them Eat Cake...And Celebrate!" I created a giant dessert buffet. These cookies were the first "project". I worked all day Friday and Saturday to get all the goodies made. Check out my Cake Blog for details on my buffet!
January 28
These are birthday gifts from my boss Bob. He gave me a Lolita wine glass! Its theme is "Shop Till You Drop". Hilarious! He also brought me that amazing chocolate cake, and a box of Godiva dark chocolate truffles. YUM!

January 27

This was my first sushi experience. My co-worker Linda took me out to the restaurant Crave for a birthday lunch. I've been wanting to try sushi and I figured with Linda...I'm safe. She's Asian (lol!) and her husband is a sushi chef! I tried the Sushi Bento Box, so I got an assortment of maki sushi. It was amazing! I'm in love! I cant wait to try new and more daring types of sushi!

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  1. Oh wow... where to start! I love the pictures. especially you with your friends celebrating! The mugs are wonderful . your gifts looks delicious and the cupcake theme cookies are yummy-licious looking! They are quite divine.ou are such an artist! The sushi picture is cool too. You take excellent pictures. I look forward to your posts! I hope you had the most fabulous birthday ever.


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