Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bet You Thought I Forgot...

Nope, I haven't been falling behind on my challenge. I wasn't able to post as its been a busy week! Check it out!
February 11

This is my "Scorpion Roll" from Tiger Sushi. Its official, I am hooked on sushi.
This roll is shrimp tempura and soft shell crab with a spicy garlic mayo. Seriously, heaven.

February 10

This is the chandelier at Om Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Heather, Anna, Lisa and I went to a food and wine sample event there. Its Indian food, which I also have never had. From what I sampled it was really delicious.

February 9

These are the icicles on my house. I'm paranoid that they will melt and fall on my puppy. So I have been knocking them down. But they multiply like rabbits!

February 8

This is our backyard. Look closely, you can see the snow is higher than our fence. Our lot is bordered by an alley so we have to shovel the snow into our yard. David is going to have quite the challenge next winter if we put in a privacy fence like I hope to this spring!

February 7

These are the books on my nightstand. I'm reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I'm also into world religions so I'm learning about Paganism.

February 6

This is my sister Lisa and I at 7 Sushi Ultra Lounge. We went out for a belated birthday dinner. The sushi was seriously amazing. Service was fantastic. Wine was delicious. Hanging out with my sis is always a good time!

February 5

This is my favorite guitarist in the band Hairball. We went to their 10th Anniversary show at the Sheraton Hotel. 10 years of rockin the 80s tunes! FUN!

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