Friday, January 14, 2011

Ending and Beginning

December 26 2010
Where I spent my entire day after the holiday weekend.

December 27 2010
I am approaching my 30th birthday. I saw this cool collage that a husband made for his wife's 30th. It was a collage of random 30's. I thought "hey I'm going to do that for my birthday!" So I wandered around the house looking for something with a 30 on it. This is all I could come up with. This idea was harder than I thought!

December 28 2010
We decided to let Sookie's fur grow out. I bought her a little clip to keep it out of her eyes.

December 29 2010
I spent my evening babysitting this little guy! Isaac is such a flirt!

December 30 2010
My "work spouse" Mike (middle) came back for a visit. He moved to California earlier this year. We went to Crave for Happy Hour.

December 31 2010
David and I, last photo of 2010! Ending the year with one of my favorite people.......

January 1 2011
First photo of 2011....Sookie and Caesar, starting the year with two more of my favorite "people".
Only 2 more weeks to go until I complete the 365 challenge!

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