Friday, January 14, 2011

30th Birthdays and a Citation

January 2 2011
Sookie chillin on the comforter while I remake our bed.

January 3 2011
I'm teaching Caesar to walk on the treadmill. He's got a lot of energy but its too cold to take him for long walks. So far, its going pretty good.

January 4 2011
Ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner. Yum!

January 5 2011
Busting out the new silverware my bro gave us for Christmas.

January 6 2011
Walking through Borders, I spotted this book cover and it made me laugh.

January 7 2011
Heather and I at Beaujo Wine Bar celebrating her 30th birthday.

January 8 2011
Nikki and I riding the "Redneck Express" for her 30th birthday.

January 9 2011
Yep, I got a speeding ticket. My first ticket in YEARS. I was doing 72 in a 65. The cop who pulled me over said he clocked me at 84. Then he wrote me a ticket for doing 78. Special. Whats even better....the ticket doesn't say how much it is. I have to wait 10 days and then can log onto a website to find out. I called the county and they wouldn't tell me how much it was either. They told me just had to sit tight and wait the 10 days. How lame is that?!

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