Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mini tree, Mini person, and Caesar's First Snow

What can I say? Im just not good at keeping up with the photo postings! So in an effort to catch up, I'll post all of the photos I have uploaded to date. However, I'll do them over a few posts so they don't take forever to load!

November 9 2010
This is my mini Christmas tree. A coworker found them at Target and I had to have one too. Yay Christmas!

November 10 2010
I was experimenting with the black and white setting on my camera, and loved how this one turned out. Ominous, yes, but I like it anyway.

November 11 2010
This is my friend Kelly's baby, Issac. I mean, how can you not love this face?

November 12 2010
This was from a catalog I received in the mail. Its dedicated to all of my ELS people.

November 13 2010
First snow of the season...but also Caesar's first snow ever! David kept throwing snowballs and having him "fetch" them. It was hilarious to watch.

November 14 2010
Sneak peek of a princess cake I did. This was a challenging order. Several children had allergies, all different of course, so I had to make many different kinds of cupcakes to accommodate them. I learned a lot about having allergies!

November 15 2010
Sneak peek at a gingerbread structure I'll be making!

November 16 2010
Sookie all snuggled up in a blanket on the couch. How cute is that?!

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