Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Friends, RAK, and a Power Outage

I'm still catching up on my 365 posts, but at least I'm now posting for the proper month!
November 1 2010
Recently my company was involved in a lawsuit that I had to testify in. Rob (pictured here with me) was also in this court case, for the company suing us. Rob and I had remained friends after our companies parted ways. We couldn't talk during the trial but after it was all over we got together for drinks to laugh at how weird the situation was!

November 2 2010
This was a sneak peek at some cookies I did for a girl's birthday. She loved Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, make-up, sparkly things and basically all things girlie. You can see the full collection here.

November 3 2010
We had a scheduled power-outage for some maintenance. The electricians rang huge extension cords through our office to keep some lamps on, computers and phones. It was actually kind of soothing to work in a dark office all day.

November 4 2010
RAK: Random Act of Kindness. Today I got this gift package in the mail from a dear friend of mine back in Wisconsin. She got me addicted to Alterra coffee and this vidalia onion sauce. This sauce, is, oh my, I mean, crack it open and drink the stuff straight up good! It made my whole week to get this in the mail!

November 5 2010
Another sneak peek at some baby shower cupcakes I did. It was a jungle theme, but in pastel colors. This little giraffe was my favorite. You can see the whole collection here.

November 6 2010
My friend Kelly and I went out for dinner, which lead to a late night happy hour. The place we were at had a variety of odd combination cocktails so we gave them a shot. Kelly had a blackberry poblano pepper margaria and I had a pineapple basil cocktail.
Blackberry Poblano=really gross. Almost like a fruity bloody mary. And not in a good way.
Pineapple Basil=AMAZING. Who knew that basil would be good in a drink?

November 7 2010
I laughed when I saw Caesar sleeping like this. That cant be all that comfortable.

November 8 2010
I busted Sookie trying to steal my dinner.

Thats all for this week!

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