Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Fun, Bag Room and a Snow Storm!

December 5 2010
Finally! My Christmas tree is up. I'm usually a day after Thanksgiving kind of girl, but my week was so hectic I didnt get it put up right away.

December 6 2010
St Nick came to visit my puppies!

December 7 2010
Heather and I took a Holiday Candy Making class at Whole Foods!

December 8 2010
This is one of the bagrooms at MSP. I am working some overtime on a special project. I am working 3rd shift hours/12 hour days. I spend 8-9 hours a day sitting on a conveyor belt like this one. Good times.

December 9 2010
Today we moved to another part of the bag room. I basically get to spend my nights watching these guys work. I am escorting these technicians in secured parts of the airport. So I have to be with them at all times. Its easy money, but really really long nights.

December 10 2010
The snow is sure coming down.....this is what it looked like in the middle of night when I let the dogs out.....

December 11 2010
And this is what it looked like the following evening. We got over 17 inches of snow!! It is the worst snowstorm in over a decade! Of course we didnt have a snowblower either. David sure did a lot of shoveling!

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