Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapstick, Cookie Towers, and Thankful Week!

November 17 2010
I am having a hard time finding my favorite chapstick. I read that this stuff, EOS, is the best chapstick you'll ever use, so I thought I'd try it. It is pretty much amazing. The only draw back is the shape. You cant carry it in your pocket and that drives me nuts.

November 18 2010
David and I at the Harry Potter 7 Part 1 midnight showing! I love HP!

November 19 2010
Remember that gingerbread photo? This is what I was working on....a gingerbread Eiffel Tower!

November 20 2010
I had a French Wine Tasting party, which is what I made the gingerbread Eiffel Tower for. I took a lot of photos that night, but this one was my favorite. Me getting kisses from both pups.

November 21 2010
This is the start of "Thankful Week". I am thankful for my purple fuzzy blanket. Its the best to snuggle with!

November 22 2010
Spa Day at Aveda! I am thankful for being able to take time out and treat myself to something nice. Especially after all of the stress in recent months.

November 23 2010
I am thankful for my dogs. I never knew how much I could love them. Or how much they could change my life. My life is so much fuller with them in it!

November 24 2010
I am thankful for my hair. So much so, I decided to donate it to Locks Of Love. Its an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer. I love love love my long hair but it was a length that I could donate so I decided to go for it.

November 25 2010
I am thankful for having enough food, and being able to share it with loved ones!

November 26 2010
OK so this isnt really a "thankful" photo. I took several photos, but most were of cookie inspiration. So, for this one, I am thankful for my friend lending me her cookie book to inspire me!

November 27 2010
I am thankful for my awesome friends! I spent the weekend scrapbooking with some of my favorite people!

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