Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doggie Messes and Bad Wine

November 28 2010
(End of Thankful Week)
I am thankful for David! My life is so much better because of him (awww!)

November 29 2010
This is the dry erase board in my cube. One of the supervisors had to use my computer. I ran out of filing so I decided to create some artwork.

November 30 2010
Bath time for Sookie!

December 1 2010
I seriously need to create a collage of all of the messes Caesar makes. This time he ripped apart Sookie's bed. He's done it before and I've sewn it up. This time it was not salvageable. Looks like someone needs a new bed.

December 2 2010
So cute napping together.

December 3 2010
Its snowing!

December 4 2010
I actually didn't mean for this to be my photo of the day. I took this photo to remember the wine we had during my recent wine tasting party. Well the day got away from me and it turns out this was the only photo I took.
Note: This wine was not good. Blek!

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