Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oops! I'm Really Behind!

So much for keeping up on my photo posts! Over the next few days I'll get myself caught up....this way you arent bombarded with one big giant photo post. is where I left off...
October 8 2010

This is a going away party for my "work spouse" Mike (white shirt next to me). He has been my best friend at work, and is transferring out to California.

October 9 2010

My friend Heather and I attended the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl. It was this crazy night of zombies and yelling about brains!

October 10 2010

I have been waiting all season for my morning glory to bloom and here it is!

October 11 2010

Awww! My pups napping together. So cute.

October 12 2010

Sookie turned 2 years old! This is her enjoying her birthday "pupcake"!

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