Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kitchen Makeover and Star Wars Dogs

October 21 2010
I had to appear in court today for my company's trial. This was a random lounge I walked through while winding through the maze that is the Minneapolis Skyway.

October 22 2010
My kitchen....BEFORE.

October 23 2010
Its October and flowers are still blooming in my garden!

October 24 2010
My kitchen....AFTER! My parents came to visit and installed new cabinets for me. We never really used the table that was in the corner, and I was running out of storage space.

October 25 2010
Everyone always makes comment about how weird Caesar's feet are. I thought I'd take a photo of him from an angle that showed just how strange they really are!

October 26 2010
A close up view of my new kitchen storage!

October 27 2010
Mike (my work spouse) and me on his very last day of work. *sniffle*

October 28 2010
I got to ride along in a 747 today! The aircraft maintenance mechanics let me ride along on one of their checks. I only had my cell phone though, so the photo isn't the greatest.

October 29 2010
Cream cheese pumpkin roll=AMAZING.

October 30 2010
I attempted to make Sookie and Caesar, Ewok and Yoda. Caesar is actually dyed green. However it faded really quickly so you can hardly tell in this photo. Oh well, I tried.

October 31 2010
My pumpkins! I carved these three designs, and love them!!

Whew! Well that catches me up on October! Up next, November!

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