Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back from the Nyquil Coma....

These past few days I have had the world's worst cold EVER. I seriously don't think I've ever had a cold that knocked me down like this one did. But, I prevailed and stuck to my challenge, sniffley and gross, I managed to take a photo everyday.
Last we left off....

March 12

This is my sister, me and our mom at Wasabi Restaurant. We made mom try sushi for the first time. We ordered edamame and a variety of maki rolls to try. She liked it! Another one hooked!

March 13

Taking a cue from my fellow photo challenger, Jackie, this is the inside of my purse. You can clearly see my lip gloss, wallet, Winnie the Pooh notebook, business cards, hand sanitizer, and an envelope full of coupons. There is more in there, I promise!

March 14

This is my couch, where I spent several days thinking the cold I had would kill me. The misery was only just beginning.

March 15

These are my dayquil and nyquil tablets. They were the only way I could survive this beast. That is...until they stopped working. Lord have mercy!

March 16

So then I switched to Alka a champagne glass. What? Its bubbly and makes me feel good, so its appropriate.

March 17

I had grand intentions to try making some corned beef and cabbage rolls, Irish soda bread, and other delicious celebratory goodies. Alas, this devil cold prevented me from being able to. This is my David, driving me to get dinner at Culver's (very Irish, I know). You can't tell, but he has the window down, it was that warm out. Bring on spring!!

I'm happy to say I feel much more human versus zombie today. As soon as my sinuses clear, I'll be good as new!


  1. I'm glad to know you're feeling better! I've had my share of those kinda day's! Alka Seltzer is always a good one. I never thought of drinking it from a champagne glass. how cute!!
    Love all the pictures. I hope you get back to normal soon!


  2. Hi. Great blog. I'm following you now. I love to take photos & scrapbook too.

  3. Awww Lisa, you are so sweet! Thanks for all the blog love!

    Kim...Nice to meet you!! Thanks for following my blog! I hope you have fun reading my posts. =)


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