Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full of Sneak Peeks!

*Gasp!* I may actually get caught up on my 365 postings right now!!

August 25 2010

Sneak peek at a dish I made with green tomatoes!

August 24 2010

David rollerblading with Caesar. I personally think he was nuts to do that. Caesar dragged him all over the place!

August 23 2010

Yep, another sneak peek at some cookies I did for a special event.

August 22, 2010

I'm on a boat!!! With my flippy floppies! YESSS!!
This was a wine tasting cruise that I went on with some friends.
(From Left: John, Anna, Me, Rick, and Heather)

August 21 2010

OOOOhhhh another sneak peak! Cookies? Or mushrooms?

August 20 2010

Another sneak peek! (Sensing a theme here?)

August 19 2010

Fairytale Frosting was featured at the Walker Art Center's Local Artist Mart! Check out the full post here.

August 18 2010

Surprise! Another sneak peek! This is one of the many many cookies I did for the Walker Artis Mart!

August 17 2010

Baby Shower Cupcakes!

August 16 2010

This is the "before" of the baby shower cupcakes.

August 15 2010

My new mission: Visit every local bakery in the Twin Cities. Starting with The Sweet Retreat! YUM!

August 14 2010

Today's harvest from my garden.

August 13 2010

My brother was home on leave from the Navy so we went out to party!
(from the left: My brother Chris, Sister Lisa, Me and Friend Heather)

August 12 2010

One final sneak peek at cookies I was working on for the Walker Artist Mart.
FINALLY! I'm caught up. Hope you enjoyed it!

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