Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hunting Vampires at a Wedding

It's been a busy weekend, and its only Saturday morning! I had a lot of decorating to do yesterday. First up was a Hunter themed cake. A friend had me do a cake for his son's birthday. He's really into hunting. The camo fondant was extremely challenging. The cake had more flaws than I would have liked, but the guys loved it and that's all that matters!

My friend Kelly also had a birthday this week. We are both big fans of the Twilight series, so I made her a cake based on the 4 book covers. This was also my first attempt at stacking a cake. It was easier than I thought! Whew!
The top tier is chocolate cake and the bottom is carrot cake. Delicious!

Last project is Bride and Groom cupcakes. I cant take all the credit for this idea, I was inspired by another cake decorator on We are attending a wedding later today and these little cakes are part of our gift to the happy couple. I had a lot of fun making these and love how they turned out! Its hard to tell in the picture, but the bride's dress has luster dust on it making it all shimmery. I love them!

Its been a fun decorating weekend!


  1. The hunting themed card is so cool! I don't see a single flaw. It looks perfect. and what avid hunter wouldn't like this in front of them on their birthday. It's great!!
    I love the twilight themed tiered cake!What is the apple made out of? It's an awesome cake!
    And the wedding theme cupcakes are fabulous! I can see where you did the shimmery dusting. I'll be it sparkles like crazy. Those are so beautiful. You've done such a terrifc job with them all. I have to say that you have some very LUCKY friends. I'll bet they know this already. How special they must feel getting such a wondeful personalized cake.
    Love em' all!

  2. Your twilight cake is adorable.


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