Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Things Happening...

Its been awhile since I've posted. Life has been crazy! I am full of exciting news today!
I bought a house!! I closed on August 20th, and since then have been in a whirlwind of chaos. There has been no time for scrappin these days!
David and I are very excited to be our new place. It is our first house. I wonder how I ever had all this stuff in a one bedroom apartment!
Here we are on Closing Day. Proud new homeowners!

Next big news....I got published!!! A few of my layouts were featured in the online publication Scrapstreet Magazine! You can check me out in the Discovery Drive section. This online magazine is full of great ideas! Each month they feature a new scrapper, and this month its ME! WOO HOO!
With news like this, I hope you'll forgive me for not posting in awhile!
Stay tuned, coming soon is a tutorial on paper sunflowers....you don't want to miss it!

1 comment:

  1. Big Things is right! That is incredible news. CONGRATULATIONS on both counts.Your new home is simply adorable. I love the white picket fence too.
    And I'm not surprised a bit that you've been published. I'll have to go and look at it. You do amazing work!
    I was away for a bit as well. It's good to come back and see such great things happening for you!
    I look forward to the paper sunflower tutorial.

    So happy for you!!



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